With over 25 years experience in turf farming, AGTurf Lawn Solutions is owned and operated by the 6th generation of the Mead family.  As an accredited member of Lawn Solutions Australia, you can be assured that we are committed to providing you with the best lawn, and pride ourselves on our quality of product and service.

We have the best performing grass varieties for our local region, including Sir Grange Zoysia, Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo, Nullarbor Couch and Eureka Kikuyu.  We have selected each variety for its superior performance and suitability to our climate and conditions,   Our friendly team are committed to helping you choose the right lawn for your needs and one you’ll be proud of for years to come,  All turf purchased from us is backed by the Lawn Solutions Australia Product Warranty, which means we will inspect your lawn prior to harvesting to make sure it is free from weeds, pests and disease, and will be freshly cut just prior to your delivery or collection.

Our team know the importance of choosing the right lawn.  Factors such as shade, soil types and the end use for your lawn are all very important, as they will play a part in the performance of your lawn in the long term.  Contact us today to discuss the options with one of our team.

AGTurf Lawn Solutions are your local supplier of Sir Walter DNA Certified, Australia’s number one buffalo lawn, with over 70 million metres having been sold Australia wide.  Sir Walter is tough yet soft, able to perform in full sun and part shade, is drought tolerant, and best of all it is Australian born and bred.  Sir Walter DNA Certified is lush and green with a tight growth habit to hold out most weeds, and also has the ability to repair itself quickly if damaged, lessening the incidence of bare patches and making it the perfect choice for home lawns.

The purchase of a new lawn is a valuable investment for your home, and there are also many reasons why creating a better greenspace can improve your lifestyle.  Natural turf helps to reduce cooling costs in your home and provides a safe and enjoyable surface for your children and pets to play on.  Let us help you to choose the lawn which is right for your needs, including lawn which is low-allergenic or even salt-tolerant for use around your pool.

When you have your new lawn delivered by us, the delivery will be made using an all-terrain forklift, so we can place the turf where you need it.  The turf will be slid off the pallet and we’ll take the pallet away, so you wont be left with unsightly pallets hanging around ruining the look of your new lawn.  Its all part of the service our team are happy to offer.

At AGTurf Lawn Solutions, we have a range of services available to you as our valued customer.  With pick-ups available, to onsite delivery, laying services and even soil preparation.  We even offer a free measure and quote for a hassle free lawn installation, so you can kick back and let us do all the hard work for you.  Its all part of our friendly and professional service which our customers love.

We are happy to supply you with any size order, no matter how big or small.  Pick-ups are cut fresh to order, available for collection from our picturesque farm at Lorn.  We’ll even happily help you load it, forking the pallet onto your ute, truck or trailer.  Pick-ups are available week days from 7am to 4pm and by prior arrangement on Saturday mornings.

When laying your new lawn, we recommend you use Sir Turf Launcher to aid with establishment.  Containing water crystals and starter fertilisers which work to hold moisture up near the root zone and to promote healthy root growth, it helps to ensure your lawn has the best start in its new home – your yard!

At AGTurf Lawn Solutions we stock a range of fertilisers and lawn care products, making us your one-stop shop for lawn care.  We have everything from Dog Rocks to help combat those nasty yellow patches made by your four-legged friend, to fertilisers for regular lawn upkeep, or wetting agents to combat dry patches forming in your soil.

Speaking of soil, we are also happy to assist in answering any questions you have regarding preparing your area ready for your new lawn to be laid, and provide recommendations for soil types and supply.   Its all part of our commitment to ensuring you have a lawn you’ll be proud of.

For more information, give our friendly team at AGTurf Lawn Solutions a call on 02 4934 1000.
AGTurf Lawn Solutions