This time of year, you are mowing your lawn what feels like all the time. All of these extra grass clippings aren’t ideal to be left on your lawn, so you need to find something to do with them. Here are some tips we’ve found for utilising your grass clippings rather than getting rid of […]


With the increase in temperatures, your lawn may find itself too weak to defend itself against some common summer weeds. It is important that you keep your lawn healthy and strong in order for it to be able to respond to the harsh summer days and continue to flourish. If you have found that some […]


Nutgrass, a noxious weed, is part of the Sedge weed family which also includes Mullumbimby Couch. Nutgrass gets its name from the nut-like tubers found on the roots (rhizomes) of the plant. Nutgrass is identifiable as it is usually a lighter green than the rest of your lawn and tends to grow taller. Nutgrass has […]

There are some out there who wouldn’t dream of fertilising their lawn very often or even at all, because it could lead to more mowing! But can you over fertilise your lawn? For others there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing, right? Well when it comes to our lawns some of […]


Crowsfoot is known by many different names, but one of the most common names we also call it here in Australia is Crabgrass. Crowsfoot, as its name suggests, has a 5 spiked flower with similar appearance to that of the foot of a crow. Crowsfoot is known by many different names, but one of the […]


What is core aeration? Should I core my lawn?  Unlike regular aeration, where solid tines simply punch holes in the ground, core aeration removes a plug of soil from your lawn at the same time. Plug or core aerators do this by using hollow tines that puncture the surface and then pull the plugs from […]


We see this question quite regularly and it is a bit of a minefield out there as to which products you should use, but it doesn’t have to be. Both fertiliser options, either liquid or granular, can play an important part of your lawn care routine. But it is important to understand the benefits of […]


While lawn edging is a functional addition to prevent your grass from infiltrating your gardens, its important it looks great as well. All your hard work has your lawn looking in top shape. But it never quite looks as good as the guy down the street who has his lawn immaculately finished off with a […]


Successful establishment of all lawn types relies on proper soil preparation. Preparation for establishing a lawn usually begins after construction activities have finished, or before topsoil has been introduced. Without preparing your soil properly, your lawn can suffer from poor soil drainage, compaction, pH or fertility problems that could have otherwise been simply prevented. By […]


Is your lawn growing like crazy all of a sudden? This is your lawns spring growth surge Spring is the time when the flowers are blooming, and your gardens are beginning to sing. As soon as the temperatures rise consistently into the optimum range for growth, plants will experience a growth surge and your lawns […]