Grasses make their own food through the process of photosynthesis. There is a common misconception that the fertiliser itself is the food for your plant. We in the industry also commonly refer to feeding the grass or to fertiliser as lawn food. But in actual fact, grasses make their own food through the process of […]


These pleasant creatures are actually brilliant for your lawns health! Got worms? In your lawn that is. Earthworms to be more specific. These pleasant creatures are actually brilliant for your lawns health and they are busily working away beneath the surface. If earthworms are present in your soil, it means you have healthy soil that […]


Properly designing and planning your garden is a crucial part of its overall success; your lawn should be a major consideration. How much lawn you will have will depend on a number of factors: Environmental How much sunlight versus shade do you have in your garden? What soil type do you have? What are the […]

Grass field with depth of field

Spring is just around the corner! Your lawn has been resting through the colder months and will slowly be starting to increase tissue growth. Here’s our 5 tips for getting your lawn spring ready Cleaning up and raking away debris Now is the time to clear away any leaves, branches and other debris that may […]


What is a Soursob? Scientific name: Oxalis pes-caprae Soursobs are regularly confused with clover due to their very similar leaf appearance. Soursobs spread with clover-like leaves along the ground, producing flowers with 5 petals and have a long white tuberous root. Cooler conditions are when Soursobs like to appear in Autumn and Winter. The problem […]

Trees and your lawn

We see large trees growing in parks, commercial spaces and botanical gardens. They provide beauty and much needed shade and shelter for birds and other wildlife. In your average home garden, many large trees are not suitable as they just get too big, but there are many smaller, more suitable shade and feature trees to […]


  Need help identifying lawns pests?  There are many lawn pests that like to attack your lawn and can potentially cause significant harm. Being aware of what lawn pests are out there in the insect world will keep you one step ahead of the game and better equipped to deal with any uninvited guests. Ants […]


Cudweed – Scientific name: Gnaphalium spp. One of those awful weeds that repeatedly rears its ugly head is Cudweed. Cudweed is a winter annual weed that forms in rosettes. The leaves are a glossy light green on top and have a white furry underside. Flat, shiny, mid-green leaves with a rosette shape Various small flowers on […]

Salt and your Lawn

Salt and Your Lawn If you’re lucky enough to live by the beach, your lawn will cop a fair serve of ocean spray. In some cases it can be completely under water at high tides, so a tolerant variety is a must. Salty soils prevent your grass from absorbing nutrients and retaining moisture. Salt spray […]

International beer day!

How good is a beer after mowing the lawn or a hard day in the yard? Show off your hard work with pictures of your lawn in celebration of this glorious beverage.