The grass is getting too long and is in desperate need of a haircut. It’s time to pull out the mower and do the weekend lawn mow. You have checked there is fuel and the blades are sharp, so you are ready to pull the cord. One pull, two pulls… ten frustrated pulls (insert expletives […]


Spring Dead Spot Fungal Pathogen – Ophiosphaerella korrae Spring dead spot is a turf disease that appears as bleached patches in your lawn, ranging from just a few centimetres in size to large patches sometimes over 1 metre in diameter. The fungal pathogen attacks the roots, stolons and rhizomes of couch grass. The roots will […]


Fairy rings appear as large round patches of discoloured turf, with the perimeter of the patch usually being bright green with a ring of mushrooms around it. We are seeing a few cases of this around Newcastle at the moment What is Fairy Ring? A ring of fairies dancing… well not quite, but folklores of the […]


You may have noticed your lawn has a build-up of dead organic matter, excessive roots and stems that have developed within the profile of your grass. This is a natural process caused by your lawn producing more organic matter than what can be broken down. Some turf varieties will thatch more than others and overtime […]


  Have we reached a point where technological improvements in batteries are enough that large battery-operated machinery like lawn mowers have now become viable? With the push towards cleaner energy consumption and the use of machinery that has less of a negative impact on the environment, the age of battery operated gardening tools was always […]


What is aeration? Perforation of the soil to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. Why do I need to aerate my lawn? Aeration helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn. The main reason for aerating is to alleviate soil compaction. Soil compaction limits the amount of nutrients and water […]


Grasses make their own food through the process of photosynthesis. There is a common misconception that the fertiliser itself is the food for your plant. We in the industry also commonly refer to feeding the grass or to fertiliser as lawn food. But in actual fact, grasses make their own food through the process of […]


These pleasant creatures are actually brilliant for your lawns health! Got worms? In your lawn that is. Earthworms to be more specific. These pleasant creatures are actually brilliant for your lawns health and they are busily working away beneath the surface. If earthworms are present in your soil, it means you have healthy soil that […]


Properly designing and planning your garden is a crucial part of its overall success; your lawn should be a major consideration. How much lawn you will have will depend on a number of factors: Environmental How much sunlight versus shade do you have in your garden? What soil type do you have? What are the […]

Grass field with depth of field

Spring is just around the corner! Your lawn has been resting through the colder months and will slowly be starting to increase tissue growth. Here’s our 5 tips for getting your lawn spring ready Cleaning up and raking away debris Now is the time to clear away any leaves, branches and other debris that may […]