Creeping Oxalis image

What a Creep! Creeping Oxalis has small light green heart shaped leaves, very similar in appearance to clover. How to fight back against Creeping Oxalis (Procumbent Yellow Sorrel) Scientific name: Oxalis corniculata Creeping Oxalis has small light green heart shaped leaves, very similar in appearance to clover. (Oxalis, have heart shaped leaves while clover has oval shaped […]

Sporting overload

What goes into getting stadium sporting surfaces perfect for the big game? There is no greater pressure on turf playing surfaces than when the big events are on, like the Soccer World Cup or the Wimbledon Tennis Grand Slam finals. Groundsman work tirelessly, round the clock, to ensure that the surface is in pristine condition, […]

Weed and Feed image

Weed n Feed sounds like the perfect product, right? A two in one lawn care product that identifies the two key areas we usually focus on when caring for our lawns – weeding and fertilising. Sounds like the perfect product, right? Well here at Lawn Solutions Australia we’re here to separate the spin from the […]

Fertilise in winter

Should I fertilise my lawn during winter? There are benefits to fertilising your lawn during winter, but it isn’t the same fertiliser that you would use during the months of the year where your lawn is actively growing. Once soil temperatures drop below 14 degrees Celsius your grass will start to slow down and go semi-dormant […]

You can enjoy your lawn in winter

Here’s 4 ways to enjoy your lawn this Winter I know it’s cold and I know that you are spending a lot less time outside during these cold Winter months. But there are plenty of ways you can still get outside on the lawn and enjoy it! Fire pits – Install a fire pit and roast […]

You can still lay turf in Winter!

Whilst the warmer months in spring, summer and early autumn are the ideal time of year to lay a new lawn, winter is still ok – and there are even a few benefits in establishing a lawn in the cooler time of the year. There is a common misconception that installing a new warm season […]

Fighting 3 common winter weeds image

3 Common Winter Weeds Winter weeds can be a real nuisance and undo all the hard work you put in getting your lawn looking superb during the warmer months. The best time to treat winter weeds in your lawn is during winter. By doing so, you have more chance of getting them before germination, which […]

Winter lawn care is worth it image

‘But it’s not really growing?’ I hear you say. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as Winter lawn care. Whilst your lawn probably isn’t actively growing and pulling out the mower is a rare occurrence this time of year, there are still things you can do to ensure your lawn holds up […]

Stop its grass neglect image

    Looking after your lawn, for the most part, is simple. But I know many of us have been guilty from time to time of neglect and poor lawn care practices. We need to stop neglecting our lawns and provide the grass with the love and nurture that it deserves! Here’s what not to do!  Water […]

7 amazing grass hacks image

We hear about all sorts of interesting grass tips out there, here are 7 grass hacks that we think you might find useful when looking after your lawn. Don’t bag your clippings. Grass clippings can be a natural mulch which will help feed your lawn and retain moisture. To ensure the clippings don’t build up […]