Lawn Installation and Establishment Guide

When you Install and establish new lawn it’s imperative that you follow the directions in order to get the best out of your lawn. Please be aware that your newly laid lawn will require some TLC in the couple of weeks after you have it laid while it establishes new root systems and adapts to its new environment.

When laying your new lawn, there are a couple of tips we’d like to share which will help to ensure the success of your finished project.


  • Lay your turf as soon as possible after delivery/pick up as it will easily dry out. There is also the risk that it may Install and establish new lawn - turf layingheat up resulting in burn on the leaves inside the rolls.
  • Ensure your topsoil is ready for you to install and establish new lawn. It must be leveled to reduce the incidence of major dips and hollows in your finished result.
  • Use a starter fertiliser such as Sir Launcher to provide extra nutrients to aid in strong root growth as well as helping to hold moisture where it’s needed at the root base.
  • Lay full strips around your perimeter first of all, then proceed to lay the rest in a brickwork fashion. If you need to cut rolls to make them fit, use a sharp spade or machete to create a neat edge.
  • If laying on a sloped area, be sure to lay the rolls across the slope beginning from the bottom of the slope and working your way back up.
  • Try to avoid stretching the rolls and make sure you butt the edges up closely and neatly together.
  • Once you have finished laying the turf, we recommend rolling with a water filled roller which you should be able to access from your local hire company.

Water your new lawn once installedSTEP 2: WATER IT IN

  • Once you have your lawn laid down, give it a really good soaking, making sure to water right to the edges. A soaker hose works really well, and use a hand held hose for the edges.
  • After the initial watering, you’ll need to ensure the rolls stay moist until their roots have established in the soil. Watering up to 4 times a day particularly during the hotter months is not uncommon. When the leaves begin to shrivel or curl, it’s time to give it another drink.

treat lawns that have gone into stress with Lawn RescueSTEP 4: PROVIDE SOME STRESS RELIEF

Around 3 – 4 weeks after laying, you may find your lawn will seed and go into stress. This is quite normal as it adapts to its new environment.  Using a product such as Lawn Lovers Lawn Rescue will help to give your lawn a boost and lessen the stress effects.

Your lawn can have it's first mow once it is installed.




Once you can grab a firm hold on the grass and no longer lift it, you can give it its first mow. Only take off the very tips initially.  Remember for future mowing, never take more than 1/3 of the leaf tip off at any one time.



Put some coldies on ice, throw a few snags on the BBQ and invite your family and friends around to admire your new lawn

Invite your friends over to marvel at your new lawn installation