Lawn Care Range

To ensure your lawn is in premium condition we sell a lawn care range of products to assist you. Each product is recommended by us and here at AGTurf Solutions, we have a range of lawn care products to help you keep your lawn in top shape.

Sir Walter premium lawn fertiliserSIR WALTER PREMIUM FERTILISER

Enhance the health and look of your lawn with the slow-release fertiliser specially developed by Sir Walter – Australia’s number 1 buffalo lawn.  Contains all of the necessary nutrients your lawn needs for enhanced growth and general health with an NPK ratio of 14:1:10 plus Calcium, Sulphur and Iron in easy to apply granules.  Available in two convenient sizes, 4kg covering up to 200m2 and 10kg covering up to 500m2, packed in an easy to store reuseable bucket.

4kg $24.00   10kg $47.00



For a strong healthy lawn which will not only look great, but also will be more robust to stand against disease and help to choke out weeds.  Keep your lawn in top shape by using Lawn Solutions Australia Professional Turf Fertiliser + Trace Elements. Contains all of the necessary nutrients including trace elements to encourage the best performance from your lawn. Fertiliser NPK 22-1-4 + Trace Elements is available in two bag sizes, 2.5kg covering up to 100m2 and 8kg covering up to 320m2.

2.5kg $15.00   $8kg $36.00


Sir Turf LauncherTURF LAUNCHER

Give your lawn the best start by using Turf Launcher, a premium water saving starter fertiliser with nutrient accelerators for healthy root growth.  Containing Moisture Magnets, Turf Launcher helps to hold moisture up near the newly forming root zone, greatly reducing the risks involved in lawn establishment, whilst providing the nutrients essential for strong root formation and growth.  The results are proven, with our top landscapers now using and recommending Turf Launcher for all domestic and commercial applications.  Available in two convenient sizes to cover all size lawns, 900g for smaller areas up to 30m2 and 3kg for larger areas up to 100m2.

900g $15.00   3kg $33.00




Lawn Lovers Lawn Rescue is a premium dual action spray to drought-proof and feed your lawn.  Lawn Rescue has a multitude of uses, providing your lawn with relief from stressful periods such as establishment and post winter revival.  It contains liquid fertilisers which are absorbed instantly through the leaves of your lawn, seaweed extracts to condition your soil and feed the nitrogen-fixing bacteria, plus wetting agents to optimise water availability in your soil.  Lawn Rescue is easy to use, simply clipping on your hose, and comes in a convenient 2L bottle which will cover up to 150m2.

2L $27.00



Lawn Lovers Lawn Soaker is your premium hydration solution.  Lawn Soaker is a ready-to-use soil wetting agent specifically developed for use on lawns.  It will improve the penetration of water, and will ensure your soil re-wets and combats dry patches where your soil repels water, particularly sandy soil types.  It will also assist with nutrient retention in your soil maximising the effectiveness of your fertiliser application.  Lawn Soaker is easy to use, and comes in a 2L bottle which will clip straight onto your hose, and cover up to 150m2.

2L $21.00



Lawn Lovers Buffalo Weed Control is a ready-to-use selective herbicide designed for safe use on your Sir Walter Buffalo, Eureka Kikuyu or Nullarbor Couch lawn for the control of Bindii, Clover and other broad leaf weeds.  Works simply on contact with the foliage of the weeds.  No mixing or measuring required, just clips straight onto your garden hose!  The handy 2L bottle will cover up to 200m2.

2L $21.00




Sir Walter Weed Control is a concentrated selective herbicide designed for the use on Sir Walter Buffalo and other lawns for the control of Bindii, Clover and other broad leaf weeds.  Containing Bromoxynil, Sir Walter Weed Control works on contact with the foliage of weeds.  Can be used in watering cans or pressure sprayers for controlled and directional use.  Available in a 250mL bottle which will cover at least 400m2.

250mL $20.00


Sir walter Pest ControlSIR WALTER PEST CONTROL

Sir Walter Pest Control is a broad spectrum pest control treatment designed for the use on Sir Walter Buffalo and other lawns.  Containing Chlorpyrifos, Sir Walter Pest Control can be used to control army grubs and black beetles in your lawn along with ants, earwigs, millipedes and mole crickets.  Comes in a convenient resealable bucket containing easy to spread granules.  Available in a 2kg bucket covering up to 500m2.

2kg $25.00


amgrow winter grass killerAMGROW WINTER GRASS KILLER

Amgrow Winter Grass Killer is a selective herbicide for the control of winter grass is buffalo and couch lawns.  Most effective when used prior to winter grass seeding to help prevent future winter infestations.  Available in a 100mL bottle which will cover over 600m2.

100mL $27.00



dog rocksDOG ROCKS®

Dog Rocks are a 100% natural rock, which when placed in your dog’s water bowl will help to stop urine burn patches on your lawn.  Available in a 200g pack, they will last up to 2 months.

200g $14.00