Tif Tuf Lawn Care

How to install and maintain your TifTuf

TifTuf is a hybrid Bermuda grass that has been chosen from over 30,000 different cultivars for its outstanding drought and wear tolerance and the ability to hold an impressive level of green cover through the colder months.

TifTuf requires less nutrient inputs and only 40%* of the water needed for standard warm season grasses. TifTuf boasts rapid regrowth in areas of wear and is more shade tolerant than any other Bermuda grass.

TifTuf has been specifically bred to withstand harsh and varied climates like those experienced in Australia. TifTuf can be kept with very minimal inputs and retain an impressive appearance or for the enthusiasts, TifTuf can be treated with extra care and prepared like a bowling green.

To successfully maintain a TifTuf lawn, there are a few key points that need to be understood to get the best out of this exceptional performer.


TifTuf is a very densely matted grass with exceptional tensile strength and extensive rhizome and root growth beneath the grass surface.

Important points for TifTuf installation:

  • Install the grass immediately after delivery/pick up as it will easily dry out, and there is also the risk that it may heat up resulting in burn on the leaves inside the rolls.
  • Lay on a bed of 50-100mm of quality turf underlay
  • Launcher fertiliser is not recommended during the peak growing season
  • Roll to compact new turf to improve contact with the soil
  • Soak the newly laid turf thoroughly for 10-14 days after installation or until fully established
  • Reduce irrigation once established and water only when the grass appears to be dry
  • Mow as soon as the grass has rooted in to promote lateral growth (should be in 3-5 days after installation)


TifTuf has been specifically bred to require less inputs than other warm season grasses. TifTuf requires less than ⅓ the amount of fertiliser to maintain healthy growth and appearance. Over fertilising TifTuf can lead to excessive growth and mowing.

Important points for fertilising TifTuf:

  • Apply Lawn Solutions Australia fertiliser at a rate of 10g/m2 or 1kg/100m2
  • Liquid Iron, natural colourants and other micro nutrients can be used to improve colour without the use of Nitrogen based fertilisers
  • Add nutrients in measured amounts and monitor growth and health of the plant before reapplying
  • TifTuf growth can be regulated with reduced fertiliser inputs while remaining healthy and green

Weed and Pest Control

The rapid coverage and dense undergrowth of TifTuf, along with its low input requirements and winter growth activity means that TifTuf can compete quite successfully with weeds and other turf grass species that may try and invade your lawn.

TifTuf has also proven to be resistant to several pests and diseases, but may need some assistance from time to time. TifTuf can be treated with most commonly available chemicals that are suitable for couch grasses. Ensure that application directions are followed and if unsure, it is always a good idea to check with your LSA supplier for chemical compatibility before use.


TifTuf is an extremely drought tolerant grass available on the Australian market and so requires considerably less water to maintain acceptable growth and appearance. Growth of TifTuf can be regulated by decreasing water inputs therefore reducing maintenance needs.

Important points for irrigation of TifTuf:

  • If watering is necessary once established, water only when there are signs of the grass drying out, as excess irrigation can hinder the grass rather than help
  • Do not over water in the cooler months
  • If irrigation is needed, water deeply to soak the top 100mm of soil
  • Water early morning for improved efficiency and plant health


TifTuf’s growth habit allows it to be mown at a range of heights. TifTuf has been bred specifically for the sports turf market and can be kept as low as 9mm or let to grow out to 36mm depending on the specific usage requirements. If TifTuf is left for long periods without mowing, caution must be taken so as not to take too much green cover off at once.

Important points for mowing TifTuf:

  • Ensure that mower blades are sharp to prevent tearing of the leaf
  • Never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf canopy at any one time unless dethatching
  • Mowing frequency can be reduced with controlled irrigation and fertiliser inputs
  • TifTuf can be kept between 36mm and 9mm in home lawns, below 25mm is recommended for best appearance
  • If excess scalping occurs, increase mowing height and allow leaf to regrow to desired level
  • If needed, dethatch in early spring for best results

Shady Areas

TifTuf can withstand areas of medium shade, needing only 4 to 6 hours of direct sunlight per day.

Important points on shady areas:

  • TifTuf can be used in areas of medium shade
  • Be careful not to over water shady areas especially in the cooler months
  • Reduce traffic on lawn in shaded areas where possible
  • Ensure there is at least 100mm of quality soil under the turf when laid

For further advice on TifTuf and general lawn care tips, please contact us at AGTurf on 02 4934 1000