Turf Rolls

Here at AGTurf Supplies, we pride ourselves on the quality of our turf, from the time it is cut fresh from our farm, to the time it is laid and beyond.

It has become quite normal nowadays for turf farms to cut their turf into slabs instead of the traditional rolls.  There is quite a debate on which method is better for the turf, with pro’s and con’s on both sides of the fence.  So here are the main reasons why, we at AGTurf have made the conscious decision to stick with the traditional turf rolls.

  1. When cut and placed on the pallet for transport, there is a lot more air able to circulate within the pallet, keeping it cooler than turf slabs. There’s nothing worse than laying your new lawn only to find half of it is brown due to it having heated whilst on the pallet and become burnt.
  1. It’s easier to calculate how many rolls you need. I roll = 1m2, whereas slabs are invariably cut in sizes ranging from 0.45m2 to 0.75m2.  You will also be able to easily see how much you are getting.
  1. Turf rolls are easier to move around your prepared area. If you need to load the wheel barrow to move the turf whilst laying, it is far quicker to load the barrow full of turf rolls than it is to load it up with slabs, as you are moving a whole square metre in one go.
  1. Turf rolls are easier to lay. When you think about it, yes, slabs may be lighter but you have to pick up and put down twice as many.  Placement of rolls is easier too as you just line the roll up and roll it out, whereas slabs require precision placement
  1. Turf rolls are larger than slabs making them much less prone to drying out during establishment. This is because the pieces themselves are larger to start with, and there are considerably less cut edges

These are just some of the benefits from purchasing your new lawn in turf rolls from AGTurf.